Desinger Dresses for Ladies | Actress Sonam Kapoor Cute images

Actress Sonam Kapoor Looking hot in the low neck golden color shirt. She smiled at the event managers or the photo shooters. Sonam kapoor looks so hot and her full cleavage visible through the modern designer shirt
Red Color dresses are eye catching ones. If you are going to party or any events then choose the red color one. In the above picture actress sonam kapoor wears the bare open back red color dress and shows her full back 

Actress Sonam Kapoor wears the golden color Full party suite  and getting down from the star hotel stairs. The golden color low neck designer suits full expose the actress sonam kapoor cleavage

Actress Sonam Kapoor Hot thighs seen through the very short skirt . The modern skirt is red and yellow color. 

Actress PRiyanka chopra wears the black color saree and the dark blue color blouse she looks damn hot in the black color art worked saree.

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