Actress Bibasha Bashu Ad Shoot for Designer and Modern Dress Collection

Actress Bibasha Bashu curled her hair and blonde her hair. Now a days more modern girls like to straighten their hairs but they confused to what style they have to do. If the follow Actress Bibasha Basshu and use the hair straightening cream they will get the look like Bibasha.

 Actress Bibasha Bashu Worn the Blue color dress and sky blue color Shawl. Her worn the blue color high heels chapel too. Bollywood Actress Bibasha bashu toned thigh and ripped abs looks so sexy.

Actress Bibasha Bashu Wears the Black Color Sleeve West. Actress Bibasha Bashu looks damn hot. And she wears the latest large single bangle in her right hand. Its the latest trend bangle in mumbai

Actress Bibasha Bashu wears the Black color Transparent  Shirt. She wears the Padded Bra. More girls confused to select what kind Bra Suits for them. Actress Biabsha Wears one kinda Bra. This is the modern one,

Actress Bibasha Basu leaned in the wooden furniture and she worn the pure white color night dress. The modern girls , women who is searching the  right night dress go this one,

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